Mastering Diversity Conference 2024

16th September 2024

Principality Stadium, Cardiff

09:00 – 15:30

This historic Conference is now going into its second year!

Founded by multi-award-winning EDI Expert Bernie Davies in 2023, and hailed as a historic event by the Welsh Government, the Mastering Diversity and Inclusion Conference Wales has since become a premier event in the industry, attracting top professionals and thought leaders from across Wales and the United Kingdom.

Bernie’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Services to Diversity and Inclusion

Bernie Meets the  Prince and Princess of Wales

Bernie was commended by the Princess of Wales for her work and launching the diversity conference. 


I am so very pleased to announce the 3rd full publication and the 2nd in my recent Business Book Series… “Mastering Diversity- We Go Together or Not at All!” It is the natural progression at this stage for me to condense key elements of my work, my training delivery, and my thoughts around the subject of Diversity, Equity, Equality and Inclusion into another “pocket rocket” as my friend Suzanne Smart calls my 2020 bestseller, “Your Business Your Way”.

Bernie is thrilled to be on the premiere episode of ITV’s Face to Face programme. You can view the episode below.


Women in Business 2021 Diversity & Inclusion Award winner and 2022 Speaker Award winner, Bernie Davies, is a TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Diversity and Entrepreneurship Leader, with a previous outstanding legal career in property, of over 21 years. The First Black Woman to be given the public appointment of Advisory Panel Independent member for Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, Bernie is Past Chair of the Neath Chamber of Trade, Board member for Black History Wales and Fio Arts Charity, Ambassador for the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, Business Wales and Equal Power Equal Voice Mentor, Welsh Government Excelerator Coach and Founder of Bernie Davies Global. Bernie supports entrepreneurship programmes with a focus on diversity, for major banks, universities and government agencies.

On United Nations Human Rights Day, 2022, Bernie was awarded the prestigious Title of Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation at their headquarters, Lancaster Gate London for her work in Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Top 100 Businesswoman in Wales 2017, Swansea Black Icon 2018 and Excellence in Business 2017 Award winner (presented at the Welsh Sennedd); who for 8 years, owned and operated the number I Caribbean Restaurants in Wales 2019 and Top 100 Restaurant in Wales 2018; Bernie mentors and Coaches businesses globally.

She regularly sits on Awards Judging panels including Wales Online 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Awards and Swansea Bay Business Awards 2022, where she was also Keynote Speaker. She was nominated for the Leader Award in the prestigious Chwarae Teg Womenspire2022 Awards, Positive Role Model and Entrepreneur of Excellence in the National Diversity Awards 2022 and was a Finalist in the Wales Online Diversity and Inclusion Awards for her Outstanding Contribution to Diversity. Bernie has been and continues to be a regular BBC Radio Wales Contributor and BBC and ITV media expert.

Bernie was also recently a guest of the UK Government in Whitehall, London, which was a special reception, celebrating the successes of Welsh female Entrepreneurs. This event was hosted by The Secretary of State, the honourable Simon Hart MP. Bernie is passionate about inclusion and has been privileged to share her thought leadership with audiences at the United Nations, The House of Lords, London Excel Arena, the Royal Society London, global and national universities and institutions of higher learning; her famous mantra being, “We go together, or not at all.”


Why Bernie… Why Now?

Along with her years of Business experience, Bernie has a unique talent of helping individuals and businesses to capture their Vision and build their business strategies through establishing a winning personal Brand which translates into a credible and sustainable Business Brand and culture. Bernie works with Managers and teams simultaneously to achieve this. Find out more.

Bernie also provides a range of more specialist services including behavioural profiling and personality testing. These techniques are designed to help individuals better understand their subconscious behaviours and own personality traits with the aim of helping them engage and relate to their staff and clients better. Bernie believes that “there will be strained relationships within the workplace coming out of lockdown. Some will be resentful of their colleagues who were furloughed whilst they were working extra hours. Furloughed staff will also be on the defensive returning to work. This is just one of the issues Businesses will need to be proactively preparing to deal with post lockdown.”

This cutting edge behavioural testing will also be key to Bernie assisting entrepreneurs and businesses to establish their unique personal Brand and business culture coming out of lockdown.

ITV NEWS – Conversations around the Covid-19 Vaccine

Bernie takes her corporate social responsibility very seriously.  Here she is engaging with the conversations around the vaccine and the concerns that some of us might have around the potential risks.

Bernie working with the media and Swansea City Council to launch the Black pound Day.

Always striving to support the community and work to raise awareness and open up the most important conversations.

Insider Magazine Image

No Closed Doors - Insider Magazine highlights Bernie's story.

Catch up with Bernie’s feature in the Insider Magazine where she speaks to Douglas Friedli about challenges, book writing, business and success.

Bernie Book Image

Expert Endorsement

“In my opinion EVERYTHING we do in life is about sales but ultimately it’s about understanding yourself, other people and having the skills to sell yourself. The YOU PRINT is a fantastic model to use not only to build your personal brand, but ultimately your relationship skills and confidence. Bernie Davies, lives and breathes what she has created; this is a book not to be missed.” Alison Edgar MBE, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother 2020.

Order your copy now!


Ten years ago Bernie published her Networking Handbook which was used by hundreds of businesses to up skill and train themselves in the art of networking. Undoubtedly still an ardent networker, Bernie is now focusing on another innovation from 10 years ago, which is the art of understanding the unique imprints we leave behind when we interact within the marketplace; whether by default or on purpose! These imprints she calls your You Print™ and is what she believes is arguably as unique to each individual as their own finger prints. The harnessing of this uniqueness and creating a Brand which is uniquely you that manifests in how your deliver your services and establish your organizational structure is what Bernie believes is the winning formula and the money maker!

Your Business Your Way….A Unique Perspective on Business Development has already topped the Amazon Hot New Releases in ALL 3 categories; HR-Training, Coaching and Mentoring and Management and Leadership Skills! This Amazon Bestseller is a must read. Get your copy here!

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