Are you a Business boasting a trading history of which you are proud within your region? Do you feel like you have hit a plateau? Does it seem like you have spent so much time delivering good service that you have taken your eyes off the “ball” of your Personal Brand, Business Brand and marketing strategies?  Have you ever heard the term YOU PRINT™ and what it might mean for you and your Business? Contact Bernie and she will show you how to find the uniqueness in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to create establish and promote a winning Brand which sets you apart and creates what we all want to achieve…DEMAND!


Do you have teams that provide the valued services you deliver? Have you had to furlough your teams during the Global pandemic? Have some of your teams been furloughed and others been working extra hours during lockdown? Post lockdown, are you experiencing an unsettled atmosphere in the workplace resulting in misunderstandings, conflicts and difficulty communicating? Bernie will help you with Conflict Resolution, relationship and team building sessions using Behavioural Assessment / Profiling as one of her unique tools.


  • Effective Communication
  • Building Your Confidence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Winning With Presentations

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There has never been a better time than now, for risk takers and innovators. The market is flooded with people with a new idea OR an old one whose time has come! Not many people know HOW to realise their VISION by understanding WHAT bits of it people will want. Bernie will help you to get clarity. Through one to one coaching, Bernie will use her years of Business Development skills to help you understand WHO your ideal Client is, WHERE you can find them and WHAT is it that you have within you that can be translated into a razor sharp service they cannot do without. The aim is having your ideal Client chase you because of clever ATTRACTION MARKETING strategies.

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I have attended two events run by Bernie recently and have to say her enthusiasm is infectious. I run a new company and networking is not my favourite thing to do. Having attended her two faced networking event I really feel more confident and enthused. She really is one of the best

Debbie Metcalfe FCMI FIC

Systems thinking assistant at WALES AND WEST HOUSING

Bernie gets the best from people and that's a fact! I attended her first 'Essence of you seminar' which was a weekend of fun and self-discovery. Her team, who showed us how to make the most of our looks, our bodies and our personalities instilled us with confidence and offered us easy tips that we can carry into our working and home lives. And at the heart of the retreat was Bernie - encouraging, intuitive, challenging, perceptive. She taught me things without preaching or presenting, she made it sociable and significant. There is no doubt that I was taken out of my comfort zone, but by challenging me to look at areas I thought that I couldn't change and encouraging me to change them I believe she has given me the potential to be a better manager and perhaps entrepreneur in the months and years to come.

Alison (McClintock) Warner

Freelance Copywriter/Content Producer/Lecturer/Owner of Ali Warner Editorial Ltd

Bernie delivered an excellent presention on building your own brand. Her information on use of colour was great with the presentation being delivered in a vibrant and fresh way. I'll remember Bernie's enthusiasm and her purple shoes for a long time!


Lucy John

Work Placement Partner at University of South Wales

The beauty of Bernie’s work is that her skills come naturally. She applies a personal touch to her interactions which motivates and inspires you to come back for more. She has been a consultant, business strategist and network trainer for so many years and she knows her job.

Patience Bentu

Founding Coordinator at Trinity Women Initiative

I first met Bernie at an Introbiz Cardiff meeting when she was introduced as the new Franchisee for Swansea & West Wales,From the moment she gave details of her varied and impressive CV i knew that the commercial experience she would bring to the network would be an invaluable asset, This has so far proved to be correct as she has driven the group forward in extremely difficult circumstances.Her Passion is infectious and her ability to connect people has never been in doubt.

Philip Emanuel

Group Business Development Director at Cornerstone Finance Group

What a fantastic inspiration Bernadette is, able to bring people together and show what is possible with collaboration. I know Bernadette is going to be successful not just because of the force of her personality but because she genuinely wants the best for those she works with. An absolutely pleasure to have met you and I’m excited about the future.

David Williams

International Education Consultant

Bernadette Davies it was great to meet up again yesterday. I remember fondly meeting you 8 years ago when you gave me a sound piece of advice. Due to my anxiety over a certain situation it took me a while to act on it but now I have it appears you were right all along. Thank you.


Beverley Jones

Managing Director at Awaken Coaching

Business Networking with Bernie is very professional! Her excellent delivery of the training has greatly impacted our business focus, growth and links. 

Derick Matotwe Ngulube

Senior Civil/Structural Engineer at Tata Strip Products

I have no hesitation in recommending Bernie whose competence and professionalism are second to none.

Claire Swindell

Financial Services Consultant and Contractor

Expert endorsement

“In my opinion EVERYTHING we do in life is about sales but ultimately it’s about understanding yourself, other people and having the skills to sell yourself. The YOU PRINT is a fantastic model to use not only to build your personal brand, but ultimately your relationship skills and confidence. Bernie Davies, lives and breathes what she has created; this is a book not to be missed.” Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother 2020.

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