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  1. Understanding, Creating, Establishing and maintaining your Unique Personal Brand

2. Becoming Visible

3. Building With Confidence

4. Starting Your Business Strong

5. Bringing Your Product to Market

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Bernie’s Inspirational Leadership Course

Which would you prefer to be… a Manager or an inspirational Leader? Instead of cajoling your staff and scaring them into following orders, would it not be preferable to inspire the team to be more productive and accomplish more of their goals?

Inspirational leadership is a great currency today. With the global pandemic, so many teams are demotivated, over worked and feel under-valued. As entrepreneurs and large organisations we need a management team equipped as leaders who are also able to motivate their junior managers to do the same.

This course demonstrates how you can transform your management style into an inspirational and winning one!

Firstly, Bernie will show you how you can inspire the best from your team and why this is important.

Next, she will share specific tools to help elicit the best performance from your team members.

Finally, she reviews the difference between business and productivity.

Bernie will teach you:

  • Three strategies inspirational Leaders use to  motivate their team
  • How inspirational Leaders set effective goals that they and their team members can actually meet
  • How to turn potentially chaotic days into winning days, where deadlines are met whilst maintaining excellence
  • The importance of effective planning and wise goal setting
  • How you can adjust your management style to get the best out of each INDIVIDUAL member of your team

Benefits to You and Your Team:

  • Learning the importance of paying attention…the art of listening
  • Understanding SMART goals, setting them and achieving them
  • Learning effective communication
  • Understanding what your team means when they say things like, “ I’m too busy”
  • Learning how to change busy days into more productive ones through motivation



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Conflict Resolution

What you will learn:

  • To identify the major causes of conflict within the workplace and in particular post-pandemic
  • The negative effect of uncontrolled conflict within the workplace
  • The keys to properly manage conflict in the workplace
  • The value of  reinforced positive workplace behaviours
  • How to identify, resolve  and eliminate interpersonal workplace conflicts
  • How to identify different communication styles and how they impact workplace conflicts
  • How to identify different types and how that impacts resolving workplace conflicts
  • The skills needed to address conflicts in the workplace and manage angry workers in an effective and calm manner
  • How to be assertive and express your position without aggression
  • How to create win-win resolutions and create harmony in the workplace
  • How to take personal responsibility for conflict resolution

Benefits of taking this course:

  • Establish and maintain a harmonious working environment which should result in a peaceful and productive work environment
  • Be skilled in handling different personalities and help them to communicate better
  • Increase rapport, morale  and by extension, productivity among colleagues
  • Encourage fruitful and sustainable working relationships
  • Increase people skills and empathy

The tangible benefit for the business is:

  • Reduction of hours of sickness claims due to work related stress
  • Reduction of management time settling disputes between colleagues
  • Reduction and hopefully elimination of costly hours spent defending claims by workers who may believe their conflict situation was not adequately handled
  • Reduction of loss of man power due to conflict related workplace issues


This Course comes with the option of group or individual Personality Testing. Find out more

Understanding Behaviours…the true key to sustained success!

This Course comes with the option of group or individual Personality Testing. Find out more

Understanding Behaviours…the true key to sustained success!

Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: Understanding Behaviours

  • Understand the link between individual personalities and organisational culture;
  • Understand the far reaching personal and business impact of organisational behaviours;
  • Uncover how to identify the main causes of workplace conflict;
  • Gain key skills to manage workplace conflict and to value positivity within teams;
  • Identify the means of directing a negative behaviour within a team to a positive one by using personality profiling;
  • Discover whether individuals are placed in the correct teams or doing the correct job based on behavioural profiling

Module 2: Communication and Conflict

  • Understand how to identify the root causes for disagreements and properly resolve interpersonal conflicts in the workplace;
  • Identify different communication styles by understanding differing personality types and how they impact workplace conflicts;
  • Discover new ways to halting and resolving workplace conflict;
  • Learn varied methods of managing conflict at work and in personal relationships;

Module 3: Handling Aggression

  • Dealing with angry people, in a calm and effective manner;
  • Being assertive and stating your needs without being aggression;
  • Remaining calm during conflicts and controlling the outcome;
  • Achieving a win/win resolution and creating an atmosphere of peace;

Module 4: Conflict Management

  • Understand why we have conflict among teams;
  • Unpack what it takes to come to a resolution by eliminating the source and using fair methods;
  • Discover how to manage and resolve conflicts within the workplace;
  • Why it is important to take personal ownership of the conflict resolution process;

Module 5: Personal Development

  • Learn how to harness your inner strength and face the fear of dealing with workplace conflict;
  • Discover the importance of embracing opportunities in which to be assertive about your needs and thereby stretch yourself and grow;
  • Become the person who reduces their stress and that of their colleagues by simple time keeping;
  • Examine yourself and see which resolution skills lack, which ones you do have and how you can purposely develop where needed;


Communication Techniques for Managers

This comprehensive online or group course covering the subject of effective communication techniques is perfect for equipping managers and team leaders in your business, allowing them to successfully liaise with customers and colleagues using artful negotiation skills to resolve conflict in a more effective manner.

The course is replete with practical tips, an option for expert personality testing in order to assist them in adapting their methods of communicating with their team by respecting the different communication styles of others.

This is a perfect Course for existing managers or those who have been recently promoted to management roles, in order to equip them for success.

What Will Bernie Cover?

Bernie covers a range of information such as:

  • How to identify and develop the skills of a great communicator;
  • Understanding the difference between hard and soft skills when communicating with our teams and  the art of using them appropriately;
  • How to use the art of effective engagement to settle and eradicate common workplace conflicts;
  • Understand the different types of communication styles, appropriately applying the best one for any given situation, when dealing with different types of people and circumstances;
  • Emotional intelligence, body language and utilising the concepts of listening, posture and modulation when communicating, to the greatest advantage;
  • Interacting with others well and building a working environment that is inclusive, motivating and empowering for employees.

What are the Benefits?

The Benefits are many:

  • Gaining a range of skills, supporting them in communicating with their teams in the best possible way;
  • For Online Courses as its modular, your employees can take it at their own pace;
  • Reduction of hours of sickness claims due to work related stress
  • Reduction of management time settling disputes between colleagues
  • Reduction and hopefully elimination of costly hours spent defending claims by workers who may believe their conflict situation was not adequately handled
  • Reduction of loss of man power due to conflict related workplace issues

Module 1 : Emotional Intelligence and Other Key Attributes of Effective and Sustainable Leadership

Module 2 : The Crucial Role of Communication Skills in Effective Leadership and Management

Module 3 : The Ability to Interact, Motivate and Work with Co-Workers

Module 4 : Effective Team Building Strategies and Skills

Module 5 : Conflict Resolution 


Building Confidence

Course Objectives:

  • To understand what confidence means and why it is vital to business success
  • To challenge beliefs, assumptions and attitudes
  • To gain an understanding of the techniques of presenting yourself with confidence
  • To understand the art of engagement

You will learn how to build your “house” of confidence from the foundations upwards and safely rest within the walls of strength that surround you in the end.

Module 1

The Foundations –
Preparation Tools

  • Retrospection- learn how to identify the past that is now affecting your confidence
  • Introspection- examine your strengths and understand how to use them to overcome self-doubt
  • Vision- Understand how an understanding of your past and an acceptance of who YOU are now can empower you to dream and build big
  • Mind Management- Coming to terms with the daily mental battles and how to overcome them
  • Self actualisation

Module 2

Confidence Building Blocks-

  • You will learn to build on the knowledge you need to succeed
  • You will learn to manage your focus
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals, and achieve them
  • Understand how keep managing your mind
  • Learn how to head for success

Module 3

Tools to Boost your self-image-

  • Learn to choose your circle wisely- Your companions determine your situations
  • Develop Positive thinking- It is all in the mind
  • Understand the importance of “packaging” – Brand
  • Effective use of body language- The power is understanding body language as a communication skill
  • Are mentors necessary? We will unpack this
  • Learn how to manage your intake-Watch your eyes, ears and thoughts

Module 4

The Ceiling- What “covers”you:     

  • Master Positive thinking
  • Under the power of positive Affirmations for your wellbeing
  • Master mind control

Module 5

Communication Styles and Confidence-

  • Assertive communication
  • Passive Communication
  • Body Language
  • Re programming our Minds

Your You Prints™

Finding the uniqueness in you and your business, owning it and winning with it!

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“In my opinion EVERYTHING we do in life is about sales but ultimately it’s about understanding yourself, other people and having the skills to sell yourself. The YOU PRINT is a fantastic model to use not only to build your personal brand, but ultimately your relationship skills and confidence. Bernie Davies, lives and breathes what she has created; this is a book not to be missed.” Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother 2020.

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