Never hang on to any friend,lover, business partner, place or thing because of fear. Things change. People come and go. God moves on…

You are NEVER truly Alone!- Bernie Davies

Some of us have had relationships we have poured everything into and yet….they walk away. Others of us have had business partnerships we have funneled all our money, blood sweat and tears into and yet they folded or we were cheated out of it by an untrue partner or associate….And then there is that dream that has cost us everything, yielded nothing and yet we still can’t let go of it!

I once heard a statement which resonates with me… “The worse place you can ever be is where God WAS.” I will go further to say, Do not waste a second thought on a dream that is past it’s time…

Look back for a moment. Remember the first time you felt rejected or experienced unrequieted love. Remember how you felt you could hardly breathe, think or live quite the same again? Remember that time you were wrongly let go? That time when all your plans dissolved into nothing despite your best efforts? Each time you thought you could never quite see the world in the same way again.

But is that a bad thing? It’s good to have lost your first love, felt emptiness, grappled with that feeling of utter desolation AND then to be able to dream again, love again and even look back and ask your “now self”… “What was the fuss all about?” Can anyone relate?

Can anyone else look back at where they worked or what they did before and say, “I’m so grateful that…. didn’t work out as I would never be in this incredible position I’m in today!”

I remember when I moved from Bradford to Wales in 2006, I was ready for a change in the Law practice I worked at the time. I applied for a Training position in another Law Firm in Leeds. I was certain it was mine but I was unsuccessful. I was devastated. I could not believe it.

This rejection prompted me to immediately act upon my longing to move to Wales for over 12 months after visiting briefly in 2005. I applied for jobs in Wales. Within 6 months I was a Speaker at the National Conveyancing Congress, as Head of Property of NewLaw Solicitors Cardiff. In the audience were the Heads of the Leeds Firm that turned me down. One of them approached me and expressed dismay at having lost out on me. Need I say more?…

There is this saying, “Success is failure turned inside out”. I will go further and say, “until you’ve experienced gut wrenching failure at least once in your life and have clawed your way back out of it to the other side….you’re a “has been” waiting to happen.” One of the things you can most certainly be sure of…is LOSS. If you’ve not practiced dealing with LOSS, your “success” is built on shaky ground and will most likely be short lived. I personally cannot be inspired by a millionaire who doesn’t have any story of loss suffered at some point in his or her journey.

These times we have been plunged into, are a great opportunity to sharpen our survival skills. Embrace the change. Welcome the challenge. They will make a true winner out of you. So, stop and take it all in. Yes, there is loss…be grateful for the time you had. If it can be recovered then go for it. But if not…waste no thought on it. Focus on what’s coming your way, as you now have the time and space for it. If you still can’t get the message in this blog…after reading this…try picking something up with your hands already full….Until next time and as we say in Jamaica…Walk good!