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Melanie John

Melanie John is a 48 year old mother of two young adults, now 27 and 21 years of age. Born and bred in Swansea, South Wales, she runs her own business as a freelance Retrofit & Energy Assessor. A self-proclaimed tomboy, she is licensed to drive Lorries and motorbikes and rode a motorbike for almost six years. Having suffered at the hands of at least 3 narcissists, she now makes it her mission to help, even one person to take their time and really get to know someone (before committing to a relationship) and not fall for false promises. Mel believes it is vital to only trust in someone’s actions (over a period of time) and NEVER just their words.
Mel explains in her book, ” Narcissists come in all shapes, sizes, genders & backgrounds in the form of boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, bosses, official leaders etc. The one thing that is constant with all the different forms of narcissistic abuse is, there is no empathy… absolute zero. You will drive yourself wild if you think you can help this kind of person to become a better version of themselves as they are totally incapable of any kind of empathy.”
She is on a mission to raise awareness and to ensure that her message reaches as many as possible.


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Julia Esteve Boyd, International Etiquette Consultant has prepared this step by step guide to answer the questions that she has been asked during the years she has been teaching dining etiquette. This book covers the process of what to expect and how to behave correctly at Western formal and informal dining events, starting from when an invitation is received all the way through the entire dining experience. These 101 bite-sized tips to modern dining etiquette will help you feel confident in any dining situation. Offering great insights into dining expectations in the Western world in social, business, formal and informal settings, it gives you a refreshing look at the world of modern dining etiquette and table manners. It covers business dining, how to handle difficult to eat foods and how to manage dining dilemmas when eating in a formal dining situation.

Julia draws on her knowledge acquired from two decades of working and teaching in the hospitality industry and experiences from living and travelling around the world.  She shares easy to understand tips & tricks to present yourself with ease and finesse at any event including:

 Julia’s approach to dining etiquette is relevant and relatable to modern society while maintaining the important core principles of etiquette. Her guide is packed with practical and useful everyday tips all presented in a fun and enjoyable manner. A refreshing look at how to navigate the dining experience so that you can remain focused on the event itself and those around you.

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Estella has defied stereotypes, coming from a large, poor but proud family from the Council estates in Leeds, United Kingdom. She saw no prospects.

By applying the principles in her book -⭐ S.W.O.T. Your Life⭐- she is now Chief Financial Officer of a multi-million pound project, a serial Entrepreneur and personal development coach.

We are so excited for this book, which has novel E.S.T.E.L.L.A. strategies which will transform your goal setting and more!

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Series Author


Melitta Campbell


An outstanding Business Coach for Women.

Melitta works with her clients to enable them to build and grow a business that gives them time, makes them money and allows them to live their purpose.

Melitta is a Business and Communication Coach, focused on helping women confidently build and grow a profitable business that enables them to live their purpose and secure the balanced lifestyle they desire.

She is also the best-selling author behind the ‘Shy Girl’ series of books for women in business. Starting with her advice on ‘Networking for Business Success’, through the series, Melitta shares how she has turned being a ‘shy girl’ into a quietly powerful advantage.

For more than 25 years, Melitta has been using her authentic style of communication, and meaningful marketing strategies to help businesses and leaders develop respected brands and enjoy accelerated growth.

Melitta lives in French-speaking Switzerland with her husband and two daughters, while serving clients around the world.


Part One: VICTORY is waiting

This section outlines Melitta’s VICTORY framework, which her to build the courage and motivation to develop and practice her networking skills. She guides readers through creating a clear Vision, getting Intentional, building Courage and Confidence, being their True self, creating an sOs plan to manage the wobble moments, creating an empowering set of Rules to keep you on track, and finally assuring readers that ‘You’ve got this!’

Part Two: Moving into Action

It was a game-changer for Melitta when she learned that it’s the actions you undertake before and after an event that determine your levels of networking success. The best part for introverts, is that these actions play to their natural strengths. In this section, Melitta maps out the steps required to feel your most confident, present and authentic self while networking, both on- and offline. With this methodology, you’ll learn how to create meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with the right connections. Setting you up for a lifetime of fulfilment and success.

Melitta Campbell

Extras: Personal Branding and Personal Stories

Melitta has also included a section to illustrate how, with the appropriate reflection, planning and steps, your networking can help build your personal brand. She concludes by sharing some of the stories of how a simple ‘Hello’ with a stranger, connected her with some inspiring people who have, over time, opened up exciting and unexpected opportunities for her. Leaving readers with the powerful realisation that they are about to embark on a liberating journey of self-growth and possibility.

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A ‘Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking’ is the first in a series of practical, engaging and empowering business books written from an introvert’s perspective. Coming next in the series is A ‘Shy Girl’s Guide to Marketing a Small Business’. 

As a business coach with more than 25 year’s experience in Marketing, Communications and Business Strategy, Melitta’s goal is to distil her best knowledge and advice into a series of short, powerful and empowering guides to help business owners dream bigger and achieve more – without the overwhelm!

We know you are going to love Melitta’s book.  Thank goodness it is just the first in the series.  here are the other brilliant titles coming next:


A Shy Girl’s Guide to Build a Business

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Marketing a Small Business

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Impactful Communication

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Public Speaking

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Sales

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Mindset

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Productivity

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Pitching


Samantha Bye is an International Mountain Leader, Wellbeing and Nature Expert.

She has led expeditions and community projects all over the world, travelling to remote mountain ranges such as theKarakorams, Himalayas and the Andes.

Samantha is dedicated to transforming people’s perceptions about themselves and what they can experience on the other side of fear.

“This book is to inspire all those girls that think they can’t but actually they can,” says Samantha.

Using personal anecdotes and her wealth of knowledge, this book inspires and empowers!


Patience Nansat Bentu was born and raised in Nigeria, before moving to Swansea, Wales, UK in 2012. She is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Jos, Nigeria; holds an MA in Drama and Theatre Education from the prestigious Warwick University, U.K; and an MPhil in Politics and International Development from Swansea University in Wales. She is a registered member of the Chartered Management Institute, where she aspires to harness her leadership skills.

Patience has worked within Public Relations, Tourism, Communications, Education and Community Development; and has acquired professional skills that have placed her in advantageous working positions in the Public, Private and Third sectors.  She has engaged with television presentation and the Media, which has immeasurably provided her with the required exposure, situating her within a viewing public.



Working in the fields of Community Engagement and Policy, Patience has engaged with Racially diverse groups across Wales and especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. The disproportionate effects of the pandemic on ethnic minority communities in Wales, expanded the remit of her work to involve sitting in several community roundtables and policy meetings with the Welsh Government, its institutions and other stakeholders.

She is the Founder of PayTalks Ltd, which is an incorporated Talk Show, public speaking, events hosting and capacity building business. She runs this alongside her roles in the community and being mother to a teenage son.


Award Winning Creative and TEDx Speaker Joy Macko  is a digital marketing & PR strategist and mental health advocate.

In this epic biopic; in her own words…
“Two lives, two cultures,  two races… and, what turned into one hot mess of a marriage.”

This Native American woman’s inspiring journey of her struggle to overcome a legacy of abuse and mental illness within an interracial, bi-continental marriage will leave you breathless.  Always seen but not heard behind closed doors, she finds the strength to listen to her own cry for help to finally save herself.



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“In my opinion EVERYTHING we do in life is about sales but ultimately it’s about understanding yourself, other people and having the skills to sell yourself. The YOU PRINT is a fantastic model to use not only to build your personal brand, but ultimately your relationship skills and confidence. Bernie Davies, lives and breathes what she has created; this is a book not to be missed.” Alison Edgar MBE, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother 2020.

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