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Babs Jamiesen, Lawyer

“Bernie gave me really helpful, practical key things I should be focusing on to improve the consistency of my brand and messaging, and to increase industry awareness. Myself and my team have already started implementing these recommendations.

I can’t believe that it was possible to receive so many good pointers and carve out a clear path for improving the branding and messaging for my business. Would highly recommend! “


Jamie Phillips, Mindset and Wellbeing Coach

It was a great session, lots of take-aways and a clear direction forward to increase my visibility. Thank you!


Patience Bentu, Media Personality & Entrepreneur

“Bernie is a superstar! With her expert training and mentoring I was able to move from a place of discouragement to soar to my strengths, launched my Talk Show as a sought after media personality, nominated for awards, created history as the first Black Female Chair of a major political party’s Ward and Author; all in under 12 months. The principles work! “




1. Gain Clarity

Gaining a clear vision of your business – The WHO, WHY the WHAT and the HOW.

a. The WHO in your business is the foundation on which it stands. I will help you to know yourself and Discover Your “You Print”

b. I will help you get clarity and self-discovery that will change the way you perceive yourself in your business forever.s.


2. Build Confidence

It starts with YOU and it starts in the MIND. I will be helping you to build your confidence like a house and give you strategies to protect it going forward.
a. Learn how to charge what you are worth and increase your prices when everyone else is giving discounts.

b. Learn how to say NO.


3. Create a Winning Brand

Using the tools learnt in 1 & 2 I will help you create an authentic best version of yourself to sell to your ideal Client (until you achieve 1 and 2 you will not truly know who is your ideal Client).


4. Gain Key Emotional Intelligence Skills

We will have a look at personality profiling and how that gives you the edge when networking and seeking Clients. Practical guidelines and supporting information will be given in pdf format as well


5. Learn How to Leverage Your Social Capital and Gain Referrals

Gaining inbound clients and referrals is a skill which does not require paying for leads. Let me show you how.


6. Learn Skills to be Seen by the Right People and Sought After

a. It is one thing to blow your own trumpet but it’s completely different when others are shouting about you. Let me show you my strategy to becoming in demand on mainstream TV, Radio, Print and online media over the last 12 months regarding my new business. I did it for years before and did it again, using the same strategies.

b. Learn how to stop writing proposals.

c. Learn how to get global invitations for paid Speaking and other services.

Bernie Book Image

Expert endorsement

“In my opinion EVERYTHING we do in life is about sales but ultimately it’s about understanding yourself, other people and having the skills to sell yourself. The YOU PRINT is a fantastic model to use not only to build your personal brand, but ultimately your relationship skills and confidence. Bernie Davies, lives and breathes what she has created; this is a book not to be missed.” Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother 2020.

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