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Bernie’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Services to Diversity and Inclusion

Bernie takes her corporate social responsibility very seriously.  Here she is engaging with the conversations around the vaccine and the concerns that some of us might have around the potential risks.

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! The Single Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do in Life…Is to Know Yourself- Bernie Davies Let’s unpack this together…take my hand…walk with me a while… Growing up, I never really fit in. I was the fourth of five children, from a very well...

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If You Want to See me Roar…Tell me I can’t Do it!

“If you want to see me roar…just tell me I can’t do it!”- Bernie DaviesThis has been something I’ve lived by my whole life. I once launched a business including the branding, website, registration and the first 26 signed up customers in one week…because someone told...

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Let Them Go!…

Never hang on to any friend,lover, business partner, place or thing because of fear. Things change. People come and go. God moves on…You are NEVER truly Alone!- Bernie Davies Some of us have had relationships we have poured everything into and yet….they walk away....

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Where does Your Strength Come from?

Every day we wake up we are faced with choices, bombarded with facts and scared witless with predictions. It’s not easy to stay true to our commitments, our vision and our dreams. We have the voices from our past reminding us just how ridiculously we failed or how...

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“In my opinion EVERYTHING we do in life is about sales but ultimately it’s about understanding yourself, other people and having the skills to sell yourself. The YOU PRINT is a fantastic model to use not only to build your personal brand, but ultimately your relationship skills and confidence. Bernie Davies, lives and breathes what she has created; this is a book not to be missed.” Alison Edgar MBE, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother 2020.

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